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"Merchild" is quite well-acted at the 16th Street Theatre, with young Shaffer offering a formidably impressive performance in a role that asks a kid to go far beyond what most child actors ever are asked to do."

-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Peyton Shaffer, one of the most touching and talented young actors I've seen, plays smart and kind Adam, an 8-year-old son who is causing conflict within his family."

- Doug Deuchler, Oak


" her production, which features strong performances by all concerned and especially by the remarkable Peyton Shaffer as Adam."

- Kelly Kleinman, Dueling Critics.


"But Peyton Shaffer, as the child at the center of the story, steals the show with her remarkable performance."

- Jack Helbig (Chicago Reader) Five Stars

"This is Adam ( a sparkling portrayal by Peyton Shaffer)."

-Alan Bresloff , Around the Town Chicago

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